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Do you groom cats?

Yes we do, however there are major differences in grooming between cats and dogs. Please call for further information and to determine your specific requirements.

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I have a terrier breed that I would like hand stripped. Do you offer this service?

We certainly do! Our groomers have vast experience in this specialized technique and have also won numerous awards in competition with hand stripped breeds. They would love to share their experience and expertise with you.

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What qualifications do your groomers have?

All our staff ‘stylists’ are fully ‘certified’ professionals, members of the ‘Canadian Professional Pet Stylists’ organization (, and are all fully certified in pet first aide ( Here at ‘For Paws’ we take  our profession very seriously, upgrading our education at every opportunity by attending industry events/seminars and are also actively involved in competition grooming with great success !

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My pet sheds like crazy all the time, can you help with that?

Yes!! We have an extremely effective de shedding program that you will love! You will notice a huge difference after you first visit and with regular use your shedding issues will be kept under control.

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I have not had my puppy groomed before, how old do they need to be before I can start coming in

10 – 12 weeks is a great time for their first visit! It will generally consist of a bath and light trim to the paws and face and is vitally important to start building that confidence and relationship between you, your pet and their ‘Professional Pet Stylist’

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How long will my pets appointment take?

‘Quality work takes time’! We normally allow 3 – 4 hours for a full grooming on the majority of our clients, however this will vary depending on age/size of pet, condition of coat, temperament, special services required etc. If you have concerns over time please bring these to our attention when booking your appointment and we will try to accommodate you.

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What is included in the full groom price?

All full grooms include nail trim, ear cleaning, bath and finishing style.

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I have been told that my dog is difficult to groom and easily gets stressed. Can you help?

Definitely. We use only gentle handling techniques and operate in a calm, stress free environment. Combine that with the experience and professionalism of our stylists and many ‘problems’ never materialise. We will also often work with our ‘human’ clients to offer practical advice and help to overcome any remaining difficulties. Our aim is to build up a relationship of confidence and trust making your experience and your pets a memorable one.

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My pet is very old and unable to stand for long can he still be groomed?

Whatever your pets special needs, whether they are elderly or have health concerns just let us know. Using a combination of specialized equipment, handling techniques or maybe liaison with your veterinary practitioner we will always try our best to help. Our first concern is always for the health and welfare of our clients.

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Do I always need to book an appointment?

Occasionally we can accept a last minute or ‘walk in’ client, however this cannot be guaranteed and we advise all our clients to book at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Do I have to have a full groom for my dog or can I just get a quick bath and tidy up in between grooming?

Of course you can! Just let us know what you need and our Professional Stylists will be only too happy to help. Just need a face or nail trim? Maybe a bath and blow dry to freshen up for ‘company’ coming over? No problem we are here to help.

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What if anything do I need to do to prepare for that first ‘Professional Grooming’?

We encourage all our owners to start brushing their pets from the very first day they bring them home, this will normally be at around 8 – 10 weeks in the case of new ‘puppies’. Although it may seem a little pointless since they will generally not have much coat, using a soft brush or comb for a minute or 2 each day will start building a great routine. Always make sure that this takes place somewhere free of distraction for you and your pet. Puppies have extremely short attention spans and it is essential that they learn to stay calm and quiet while being handled. So start with very short sessions, using a quiet voice to praise and lots of physical touch, particularly around the face and feet. This will help your pet to relax and enjoy the experience  and does wonders for your own well-being !!

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What do I need to bring with me?

A copy of your pets vaccination record is all that is needed. Please allow a little extra time on your first visit to complete our registration form and one of our Professional Stylists will welcome you to discuss the individual requirements for your pet.

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My pet has allergies/sensitive skin what options do you have?

We only use all natural, pet specific products of the highest quality. We have hypo allergenic, as well as many other extremely effective products for all skin and coat types. Let us know your concerns and we will select a product that will best suite your individual requirements.

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Do you offer discounts for regular clients?

Yes we do, we have a number of options available which include frequent ‘specials’ (check our Facebook and Web site for details) and ongoing discounts for those wanting to schedule their pets professional care and ensure they always look and feel their best! Just ask for details and our professional staff will be more than happy to help.

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Do you groom all sizes of dogs?

Everything from Tea Cup Yorkies to Giant Mastifs and everything in between!

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I have a standard Poodle that I would like hand scissored in a ‘continental clip’ can you help.

Another of our specialities is ‘hand scissoring’ and we love clients who want to keep their pets in breed specific or full hand scissored clips. We have combined decades of experience in all areas of the industry including grooming and showing of pure bred dogs. Call us and discuss your personal requirements with one of our ‘professionals’. Whatever breed your companion is try our ‘hand scissored’ styles. You will be delighted at the difference and your pup is sure to be the ‘Talk of the Town !’

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In our home we have two small dawgs who are 18 and 17, respectively. they are ‘part human’, shitzu and shi-poodle cross.

as you can imagine they have required grooming since birth. And they have been taken (to Lynn) for grooming in leduc for more than 15 years.

I have upon occasion taken them to other (local) groomers, only to be disappointed by inferior cuts and dawgs who are vomiting and struggling with diarrhea due to stress.

yes it seems our pets are sensitive and easily stressed – but not once have they had issues after time at ‘For Paws’.

… this speaks volumes to me about the atmosphere at their facility in leduc.

one thing I know for sure is you should give Lynn and her crew at ‘For Paws’ a try – if you’re requiring grooming services.

- The N. family, (east of Edmonton)