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My pet is very old and unable to stand for long can he still be groomed?

Whatever your pets special needs, whether they are elderly or have health concerns just let us know. Using a combination of specialized equipment, handling techniques or maybe liaison with your veterinary practitioner we will always try our best to help. Our first concern is always for the health and welfare of our clients.

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In our home we have two small dawgs who are 18 and 17, respectively. they are ‘part human’, shitzu and shi-poodle cross.

as you can imagine they have required grooming since birth. And they have been taken (to Lynn) for grooming in leduc for more than 15 years.

I have upon occasion taken them to other (local) groomers, only to be disappointed by inferior cuts and dawgs who are vomiting and struggling with diarrhea due to stress.

yes it seems our pets are sensitive and easily stressed – but not once have they had issues after time at ‘For Paws’.

… this speaks volumes to me about the atmosphere at their facility in leduc.

one thing I know for sure is you should give Lynn and her crew at ‘For Paws’ a try – if you’re requiring grooming services.

- The N. family, (east of Edmonton)